Worth the hype – Hinds anarchic debut LP ‘Leave Me Alone’ out this New Year



Madrid all girl four piece Hinds have already broken records. This summer they became the first Spanish band to play a main-stage at Glastonbury, and are the pick of the bunch of acts currently blossoming from Espagne. 

A few months back the girls released a ‘Very Best of Hinds so far’ compilation EP – an audacious move for a band that hasn’t even yet released an album, but hell, Hinds can do what they like.

Debut ‘Leave Me Alone’ is a hyperactive and wildly infectious album full of Hawaiian style guitars and sunny, laid back slacker melodies. Openers ‘Garden’ and ‘Fat Calmed Kiddos’ are a lawless and completely unstructured mess, pumped full of chaotic energy. The unrefined and raw vocals of lead singer Carlotta Cosials go hand in hand with their messy, unorthodox style.

Latest single ‘Chili Town’, is the song of the album, a sweet and endearing track with all four girls harmonising throughout, on drunken tales of old parties in between scattered, off the cuff guitar hooks.

Hinds have cited Mac DeMarco as an inspiration as well as their musical hero. This influence is most apparent when they take a step back and contain themselves inside penultimate track ‘I’ll Be Your Man’.

The girls have produced a frenzied debut with ‘Leave Me Alone’. Amongst the off the wall song names and undeniable charisma, is a band ready to take on the world in their own riotous and unorthodox way.

Hinds’ debut album ‘Leave Me Alone’ is set for release January 8th 2016 via Lucky Number. Preorder here.

Luke Humphrey

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