It’s Christmas!!

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Zenith Myth – Eclipsed V – THE MOVIE

Zenith Myth Eclipsed V 21st August (Vibra Cobra Records) Get yours here A summer release and a winter blockbuster… So much electronic music turns the mind to film or video game soundtracks. That’s no negative thing; the absence of lyrics gives a listener the opportunity to concentrate on the landscape of the music, draw their…

Phoenix Chicken

Chickens have been spotted having delusions of grandeur. Witnesses (mostly dinosaurs) report seeing chickens acting like phoenixes following the Meteorite Hit. Disgruntled dinosaurs would like to inform the Chickens that they are NOT in fact mythical creatures, and that they, like the dinosaurs, will also eventually go extinct.

"Venues lack clear 'No Dinosaur' signage" says Dinosaur

News: The Outrage of the Dinosaurs

The Chickens have recently informed us of how the Dinosaurs are outraged at the trouble they have getting into gigs and music venues, despite the lack of clear ‘No Dinosaur’ signage. The Dinosaurs have informed us that they will be writing a stern letter to the relevant local authorities, but are finding this difficult as…

Chickens and Dinosaurs Want Your Music!

Chickens and Dinosaurs love new music. They want to hear your stuff. And if they really like it they’ll get us to feature you here! So send your sounds to The chickens and the dinosaurs are waiting… Rawr.

The Dinosaurs are Waiting

Praise for Chickens are Dinosaurs

Best new music blog ever!! Chickens are the new dinosaurs – The Line of Reasonable Fit Prehistoric. ‘Chickens are Dinosaurs’ is where it’s at – Pitchspoon SICK. These guys know their stuff when it comes to music. And chickens -Rice bloggers network We all appprove – Musos of New York Trippin’ – Jesus Chickens are…