Christmas? Mathematical! Delta Sleep’s delightfully daft cover of Chris Rea’s Driving Home for Christmas


Christmas Cheer at Small Pond Studios.

Christmas Cheer at Small Pond Studios.

It’s that time of year when the nights draw in and the glittering lights are as expected as the sound of sleigh bells and the glasses of mulled wine. Cue also the endless dirge of Christmas songs, the same every year, with the latest edition of an irrelevant X-Factor submission, and the DJ’s notable exclusion of RATM’s Killing in the Name Of...

Well cry no more, for here is finally something a little different, even if it’s actually a cover of the classic Chris Rea song Driving Home for Christmas. It’s tongue in cheek, it’s warm and homey, and it’s as much a reflection of Delta Sleep‘s talent as it is their ability to have fun. Joined by four ladies, DevinGlen, David and Blake sit in the foreground and play their way through a charming cover whilst looking suitably festive. In particular there is a charming moment when the vocals are fluffed up, but everyone carries on regardless, picking up the chorus and bringing together the collective spirit of friendship that is very synonymous with the Christmas spirit. It’s a silly affair, but hey, it’s Christmas!

The math rock quartet are riding high after their first full album Twin Galaxies, (released by Big Scary Monsters), was met with an almost universal critical acclaim. Now they are set for an electric and eclectic 2016, with appearances at ArcTanGent,Handmade Festival, Truck Festival, a UK/EU tour, and a serious amount of airtime on the radio… So make sure you catch them as soon as you can.

This is the most musically accomplished we’ll ever be so we might as well give up now”, the band have jokingly said of the Christmas cover, but why take their word for it? 

Album Twin Galaxies is out now via Big Scary Monsters. Get it here. UK/EU 2016 tour dates TBA!

James Oliver Firkins


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