‘Let them In’ – Turner Prize winner Martin Creed’s musical statement on the refugee crisis



Turner award winning Wakefield artist Martin Creed, known for such seminal works as Work No. 88 (a balled up sheet of A4), Work No. 200: Half the air in a given space (1998, a room half filled with balloons), and Turner Prize winning 2001 Work No. 227: The lights going on and off (a room with…well…), is now sharing his thoughts on the refugee crisis currently splitting opinions all over the globe.

Creed also makes music. Quirky and curious, his sounds are to be appreciated as intentioned, as multi-media art pieces, and Creed uses music and video in synchrony to get his message across loud and clear with current AA singles Let Them In and Border Control.

‘Let them In‘ is reminiscent of the protest songs of the late 60’s and early 70’s, and you can almost imagine a circle full of tie-dyed t-shirts, beards and acoustic guitars crowding around The Port of Dover preaching peace love and unity to all that would listen.

Border Control is a song dripping with sarcasm. The line “It’s a border control” is shortened syllable by syllable until you’re left with the remaining “It’s a bore” repeating to really drum home Martin’s feelings on the whole situation. This is all laid over a bed of woodwind instruments which wouldn’t sound out of place on a children’s show from the 50’s or 60’s.

Martin Creed uses these two methods to rally people to the cause of basic humanity, which seems sadly lacking in a decent sized portion of the general populace, particularly in the media, and at under 80 seconds a piece, they happily cater to the short attention span of the media junkie.

Both singles are available as free downloads from Telephone Records, where you can also check out the full videos. Anything that brings attention to the plight of the defenceless has to be a positive, right?

Sid Bullimore

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