Wath the lyric video for electro-engaging single Don’t Pull Away, J Viewz ft Milosh



When the madness of the festive season is gone and the winter nights find you tucked up with a roaring fire and dimmed lights, let the beauty of Don’t Pull Away fill your ears and calm your soul.

A mirage of instrumental perfection combined with digital manipulation and vocals with a silky purity from Milosh, this track achieves what many easy listening tracks fail to do, it engages your senses.

J.Viewz does not produce music to wash over you. If you are still mesmerised by the vinyl sounds of the 50’s and 60’s artists like Herb Alpert, Pepe Jaramillo and Dave Brubeck Quartet then J.Viewz deserves a listen. This New York-based songwriter, producer and visual artist is not new to the music scene having worked with a number of commercially successful artists. He blends a whole multitude of sounds into his tracks before delivering them via analogue tape. Listen out for instrumentals, electronically produced pieces, recordings of nature and some contributions from his inspired fans!

For an even greater insight into J.Viewz and his many collaborations,  pre-order your copy at the DNA Project website here: http://jviewz.com/

Julie Atkins


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