Matt Grocott and the Shrives Send Shivers Down Our Spines with New Single Turn Me On

Matt-Grocott-The-ShrivesAll of a sudden, everything seems to be happening all at once for Matt Grocott and The Shrives. Originally hailing from Grantham in Lincolnshire with only a few singles on their back, it wasn’t long before they were being flown out to the sun-bleached state of California to record their debut album with Grammy award winning engineer Chris Duggan, who has recorded with the likes of Green day, U2 and Iggy Pop. One of the biggest surprises however, was that the producer of the Shrives debut album is none other than Billie Joe Armstrong of Green day, who invited them to the other side of the pond after a convenient tip-off about the band from his son Joey. Not only did Armstrong decide to take up the role of producer, but he also became a temporary member of the band as both him and his son Joey contributed bass and drum parts towards the album.

And with the release of their latest single ‘Turn Me On’ this certainly shows in their sound as their tightly produced bratty punk rock seems all too reminiscent of post 2000’s Green day. The single, taken from their upcoming debut album entitled ‘Back in the Morrow’, sounds at its core like a band having fun. It exhibits the band’s ability to create a short energetic power pop song that masquerades as punk, complete with singalong choruses and ‘stop-start’ verses. With a few classic rock guitar solos thrown in and even a quick 2 second burst of reggae at one point, the band sound like if The Ramones did a truck load of cocaine and then decided to power through a number of Clash covers. ‘Turn Me On’ showcases a band with a lot of potential, and hopefully under the arm of Billie Joe Armstrong they’ll have a classic rock opera of their own in no time.

‘Back in the Morrow’ is set for release in mid-2016.

You can catch the band playing at London’s Proud Galleries on December 16th.

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