Stargazing to Shoegazing– Ringo Deathstarr’s ‘Pure Mood’ has it all



Texas-trio Ringo Deathstarr have produced a Beauty and the Beast like fifth album with ‘Pure Mood’. It’s a gruelling monster with a soft and fragile core. The 12-track LP manages to mix the daydream stargazing vocals of bassist Alex Gehring with aggressive and bending reverb-heavy guitars. A constant dynamic switch up between the two provides a constant energy and unforgettable style which in any other case wouldn’t work, but for ‘Pure Mood’ it undoubtedly does.

Opener ‘Dream Again’ shows off Gehring’s gentle pop vocals before the punch to the ribs that is the aptly named ‘Heavy Metal Suicide’. Ringo Deathstarr bare their teeth with this single. Lead singer Elliott Frazier’s twisted slacker vocals reign over this mammoth metal monster spectacularly adding up to a remarkable record. Droning guitars back up every song on the album, demanding your full attention.

You get the feeling Ringo Deathstarr are truly letting loose on this album. Previous albums have been compared perhaps too closely to the likes of My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain, but this time Ringo Deathstarr have thrown a curveball. Singles ‘Guilt’ and ‘Frisbees’ smash in, deafening drum beats and ferocious guitar somehow step it up another notch, melting ears off left right and centre. Yet despite all of this raucous drive, Gehring’s voice endlessly softens the mighty blows that come with ‘Pure Mood’. Her warm and hazy melodies really complete the band’s sound of guitars. However there isn’t necessarily anything new about Ringo Deathstarr’s sound. It’s a beautifully put together album with superb hooks, but it’s nothing ground-breaking.

Having said that, the tracks do all fit seamlessly together. Gehring and Frazier’s vocals delightfully drip in and out of one another in ‘Big Bopper’ and ‘California Car Collection’. The unpredictable nature of this album along with the beautiful mixes between fuzzy distorted guitar riffs and woozy vocals makes it a thrill ride, but not one that we haven’t heard before.

Ringo Deathstarr’s ‘Pure Mood’ was released 20th November 2015 via Club AC30, get yours here.

Luke Humphrey

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